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My name is Jonathan, nice to meet you 👋

I am obsessed with product design and music, and I use both to craft unique and meaningful experiences. I firmly believe simplicity is the key to good design (and good songs), and my favorite aspect of UX is taking complex problems and coming up with intuitive and simple solutions.


I come from a musical background, which made me fall in love with creating auditory experiences for my listeners (also known as songs), which I tend to post on my YouTube and Spotify accounts. I have been playing the piano for over ten years, and I love to sing and create music (mostly pop, so nothing serious). My love for 'wowing' listeners with videos and songs soon transitioned into an obsession with creating beautiful and simple designs that fill people's hearts with joy.

I am currently a Junior at the University of Washington, majoring in Informatics, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and Design. In addition to Product Design, I am learning front-end development and information architecture, which will help me develop my technical skills.

Thank you for being here! Feel free to contact me:

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I'm Jonathan Shechtman, a UX/UI and Graphic designer interested in using design to improve lives by creating unique and meaningful user experiences. I believe that design can be used as a language, building bridges and bringing people together by helping overcome social and cultural differences. In my designs, I value intuitiveness and simplicity and ensure I meet the client's needs.


I am currently a Senior at the University of Washington, majoring in Interactive Media Design and minoring in Informatics. 


Aside from being a designer, I am an independent musician; I sing and produce my songs, posting them on my YouTube and Spotify accounts. I enjoy combining my musical and visual skills to create a memorable experience for my audience, whether I am designing cover art or promo material.


I also enjoy traveling, video editing, and playing the piano.


Thanks for coming! Feel free to contact me:

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